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Carre Prairial Grassland Rejuvenator

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Drumlish Farm Machinery is a proud dealer for agricultural brand ‘Carre’ and stockist of the highly popular ‘Prairial’ which is a unique one pass mounted machine for grassland regeneration.

  • 2 Versions – 4 Widths

  • Rigid: 2.5M and 3M or Folding: 4.5M and 6M

  • Hydraulic Folding

  • Adjustable Angle Boron Steel Knives

  • Toothed Spring Mounted Boards

  • Two Rows of Scarifying Tines

  • Seeder


  • Includes adjustable angle boron steel knives to aerate and reduce compaction. This helps nitrogen get to the plant root and eases water and slurry use.
  • Levelling action is carried out by toothed spring mounted boards. These heavy duty boards are able to level farm yard dung as well as spread soil and natural fertiliser.
  • Two rows of scarifying tines remove loosened dead thatch and moss to allow air movement. This improves the health of the grass sward.
  • Choose either a 2.5m or 3m Model for lighter workloads or a 4.5m and 6m hydraulic folding machine for higher workloads.
  • In addition a seeder can be added for total or partial re-seeding.


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UK: 028 8289 8891 IRL: 048 8289 8891

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