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600 Meter SlurryKat Rear Mounted Bak-Pak.


600 Meter SlurryKat Bak-Pak

Drumlish Farm Machinery have in stock a new 600 Meter SlurryKat Rear Mounted Bak-Pak.

This rear Bak Pak will let you increase your hose capacity by 600 meters and can be used with any of the Slurrykat dribble bar range in seconds. 

Engineered to the highest standards this new 600 meter bak pak is light in weight and comes fitted with a high performing hydraulic motor. When used in conjunction with a front reeler you can deliver an even greater hose capacity.

Given the level of flexibility this SlurryKat bak park offers it is no wonder it is a highly popular choice among both farmers and contractors.

Features of the 600 Meter Bak Pak

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Light in weight yet strong in build
  • Double rear hose rollers as standard
  • Split section reels
  • High performance hydraulic motor (with pump protection)

This Bak Pak can be used with any SlurryKat splash plate or dribble bar and is in stock with a galvanised finish.

Drumlish Farm Machinery also have is stock a SlurryKat 1,000 Meter Rear Mounted Bak-Pak, while SlurryKat dribble bars and slurry tankers are also widely stocked.

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