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New Applied VariMount 350 Compressor.


The new Applied VariMount 350 PTO Compressor, as the name suggests, can be used on both the rear and front of a tractor, greatly increasing its flexibility and usage potential.

This VariMount 350 will change the way you think about mobile compressors. Why? Because unlike any other mobile compressor on the market, the new Applied VariMount 350 PTO Compressor is designed to be mounted on the rear or front of your tractor.

The machine has all sorts of applications. For example, it can be used to blow out the lines of an umbilical slurry spreading system or to clear debris from a combine harvester before it leaves the field.

Key features include:

> Impressive 350 CFM
> Patented Magnum Air End
> Pneumatic control system
> Plus more…

No more towing a bulky portable air-compressor behind your tractor ever again!

Give us a call at Drumlish Farm Machinery and we’ll tell you about the many ways our machine can make your life a whole lot easier!


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