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Palatine GH120 3-Meter Grass Harrow.


Drumlish Farm Machinery have in stock new GH120 Palatine Grass Harrows with a working width of 3-meters.

• Working Width: 3 meters
• Number of Tine Sections: 2 x 1.5 meters
• Number of Tines: 120
• Tine Size / Spacing: 8mm / 25mm
• Wheels: 2 x 16×6.5-8
• Transport Width: 3 meters
• Weight (approx.): 340 kg
• Frame Configuration: Solid
• Seed Broadcaster Bracket

The GH120 comes as standard with a ‘Seed Broadcaster Bracket’ with drillings to take a wide range of seed broadcaster makes.

Transport Kit

The GH120 Harrow model comes with a transport kit to allow you to reduce the width from 3 meters to approximately 2.5 meters. This is achieved by manually turning the tine units inward, controlled by two slotted links. The tine frames are also locked to stop them from swinging during transportation.


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