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Palatine PP Rip.


Drumlish Farm Machinery have in stock a new Palatine PP Rip which was Winner of National Ploughing Association of Ireland Machine of the Year 2019.

This innovative tool provides an initial surface loosening/ripping operation. As it is front mounted it allows this additional operation to be done on the same pass, as well as negating the need for front weights.

Features of the PP-Rip

–  13 spring Steel tines fitted with double ripping tips. 
–  Twin tine bar design connected by parallel links. 
–  Tine angle adjustment by ratchet link which adjusts all tines in one go , quick and easy.
–   Oversize wheel equipment for lower rolling resistance and flotation. Adjustment by turnbuckles.
–  LED marker lights and reflective tapes as standard.
–  Can be configured to fit on rear of tractor.
–  Levelling paddles an option.

Drumlish Farm Machinery also have in-stock a wide selection of other quality new and used farm machinery by leading brands such as Kuhn and SlurryKat.


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