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Roco Weed Wiper.


Drumlish Farm Machinery have in stock a range of new Roco Weed Wipers

The Roco Weed Wiper is the perfect solution for applying herbicide to treat tall weeds without damaging grass.

The unique design of the roller ensures that the herbicide is applied quickly to all your weeds and plants. This weed wiper is highly economical because the chemical is only applied to the weeds and unwanted plants that you would want sprayed.

Key Features:

• Excellent design for uneven fields due to the strong materials used throughout.
• Easily manoeuvrable due to it’s light weight design which reduces the weight load on the ATV/ Quad.
• Easy to maintain and transport around the farm.
• One man operation with compact storage due to it’s folding draw bar.
• For the farmer that needs a ‘Spot Sprayer’ the tank and pump can be easily removed.
• Minimal dripping due to the clever design of the rotation roller.
• When using this weed wiper herbicide is applied to only tall weeds while the actual herbicide usage is applied in line with the density of your weeds.


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