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SlurryKat 9 Meter Low Line Dribble Bar.


SlurryKat 9 Meter Low Line Dribble Bar

Drumlish Farm Machinery have in stock a SlurryKat 9 Meter Low Line Dribble Bar

This model features an ultra low macerator in order to vastly improve your visibility through the rear of the tractor cabin during and after spreading. Normal dribble bars have the macerator built high up which makes visability difficult. This Low Line Dribble bar will let you spread your slurry without compromise, giving you high visibility to the hose reeler at all times.

This 9 meter model comes as standard with all the normal dribble bar features including hydraulic folding and is GPS/ flowmeter compatible.

  • Horizontal folding for umbilical applications
  • Single macerator distribution
  • Hydraulic folding
  • Flow meter ready
  • Tele-shift booms by hand
  • Built for 15 and 18 metre tramline applications

Drumlish Farm Machinery also have in stock a wide range of additional dribble bars, reelers and slurry tankers. Call us today to find out more.

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