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SlurryKat Combi Dribble Bars

Drumlish Farm Machinery have in stock a selection of new SlurryKat Combi Dribble Bars.

These brand new combi reeler and farm line dribble bars are a new affordable range designed specifically for contractors and farmers alike.

Compact and lightweight in design means the new range offers one of the most efficient means of umbilical manure spreading on the market. The new system can also be operated by one operator and combines up to 600 meters of layflat hose with a dribble bar.

This machine is available in either a 400 meter or 600 meter capacity and with a single or double jet spreader.

The new system was the developed after many requests from SlurryKat customers, and the 600 meter combi reeler can come with an optional 7.5 meter or 9 meter vertical folding FarmLine Dribble Bar with telescopic booms. This dribble bar can be easily dismounted by removing 4 pins and then mounted onto any slurry tanker without any modifications.

Since it’s launch it has been a popular choice for slurry contractors and has become widely used by local farmers who may prefer to handle their own slurry as supposed to a contractor approach.

The ‘combi’ offers a low cost solution as mentioned and is commonly used as part of a sludge agitator driven system approach.

Optional Extras Include:

• Twin jet spreader
• Split section reel for Hose
• Independent motor drive for each half of reel
• Galvanised chassis and reel
• Lights

Drumlish Farm Machinery are Northern Ireland’s leading slurry specialist and stock the full range of SlurryKat tankers, SlurryKat dribble bars, doda pumps and more.

This is a modern approach in umbilical slurry spreading, consisting of a spreader combined with a hose reel in a very compact and efficient machine.


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