Ideal for Managing Larger Surfaces of Farm Land

The Kuhn GMD 240 Mower available at Drumlish Farm Machinery is a top quality heavy duty mower by Kuhn and ideal for managing larger surfaces of farm land. You will have the ability to operate under increased speeds for optimum levels of cutting.

The Kuhn GMD 240 is the perfect combination of performance with operating peace of mind. ‘Protectadrive’ is a safety feature which comes as standard and provides protection should an obstacle be struck during operation of the mower. This safety feature will help ensure there is minimised downtime risks in full season.

Equipped with a 100 series cutter bar you will have the comfort of knowing there is a long life span due to the important parts including the attachment frame of the GMD 100 models being reinforced to enhance the machines strength.

In addition there is a reinforced cover framework for when you are working under intense farm conditions. The bevel gearbox is linked to the rear stiffener with reinforced brackets to make sure their is increased resistance when operating the mower under heavier and more difficult conditions.

When mowing the cutter bar will hug the ground for an impressive clean and even cut as their is a short distance between the bar itself and the rear wheels. There is also a swath wheel for the best swath formation and you can set it to transport mode by an hydraulic pivot from within your tractor cab. This means that changing from work to transport mode has never been as comfortable and quick. You will especially appreciate the time saved when having to work on small fields.

Choose from three different types of discs to suit each need.

Fast-Fit Discs (To minimise expense the knife retention pin can be replaced separately from the leaf spring)

Standard Discs (These discs can be fitted with beveled standard knives or ribbed knives).

Heavy Duty (HD) Discs (These discs come with a service life that outmatches all other discs)

For a reliable mower that will cope under your increasing work demands choose a Kuhn 240 Mower.

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