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Drumlish Farm Machinery are the proud dealer for the market leading VariMount 350 Compressor by Applied. 

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Unlike other portable compressors on the market, the VariMount 350 Compressor is designed to be powered by either the front or rear PTO of a tractor. This as all farmers and contractors will know, eliminates the challenges of towing a bulky, mobile, diesel-powered air compressor behind a tractor.

As the name suggests the output of the VariMount 350 is up to 350 cubic ft per minute. Farmers and contractors with an umbilical slurry system will benefit greatly from the tractor mounted VariMount 350 as it can quickly blow out the lines of your umbilical slurry spreading system.

In addition it can clear debris from a combine harvester before it leaves the field. Back in the yard it can be used in conjunction with an Applied blasting machine to clean and restore rusty farm machinery.

The new Applied Varimount 350 compressor can be used for a range of applications for example to blow out the lines of an umbilical slurry spreading system or to clear debris from a combine harvester before it leaves the field.

The super tanker range consists of tankers with spreading technology mounted on the rear of the tanker using a clever design that merges the chassis and spreading technology in a unique way to compliment the overall slurry system. Each slurry tanker boast SlurryKat’s unique laser cut, press formed taper chassis system. As the leaders in slurry tankers they are designed to allow a smooth on road journey and leading field performance.

Drumlish Farm Machinery stock the full range of SlurryKat tankers from 1,600 to 5,500 gallon. The most popular tankers in the range is the 1,600 gallon tanker due to their suitable for smaller farms and independent farmers while the 3,000 gallon ferry tanker is highly popular with contractors in particular.

With awards for innovation, reliability and excellence it is no wonder SlurryKat export slurry tankers around the world to Europe, Russia, USA, Canada and Australia to name but a few.

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Key benefits of the Applied 360 VariMount Compressor:
  • Applied MAGNUM Air End – incorporating its own gearbox and built to produce an impressive 350 cfm.
  • Pneumatic Control System – the compressor can withstand the harshest working environments.
  • Oil-Cooler Fan – ensuring continuous and safe operation with minimal downtime for you.
  • Compact Size – this compressor can be easily mounted onto the rear or front linkage of your tractor.
  • Durable Finish – main compressor components have been hot-dipped, galvanised and powder-coated along with the exterior which has been powder-coated.
  • Detachable A-Frame – it can be mounted and taken off your tractor quickly and easily.
  • Skid-Mounted – it can be easily moved around by pallet forks.
  • Optimum Accessibility – all maintenance parts are easily accessible via a cover that is easy to open.
  • Environmental Savings – it shares your tractor’s engine, meaning it’s a two-for-one as your diesel emissions are immediately halved.
  • Safety Aspect – you’ve got air-power on the move instead of having to tow a standard mobile compressor.
Specification and Dimensions:
  • Volume flow: 5.0 – 10.2 m3/min
  • Operating pressure: 13 Bar 189 Psi
  • Compressor weight: 1190 Kgs
  • Filling capacity: Engine oil 20 Litres
  • Height: 1.2 m, Width: 1.1 m, Depth: 1.32 m
  • 2 x 11/4 BSP Air outlet (in)
  • Rated speed 540 – 1000RPM with shaft power >70 KW
  • Powder coating Applied Green
Compressed Air Hoses and Fittings

Compressed Air Hoses – Applied Respirator Airline Hoses are designed with only top quality materials and uphold their reputation of high durability and reliability. Hoses are available in various lengths and can be supplied with adapter kits for conversion/upgrading of your respirator assembly.

Airline Filter – Free standing single outlet filters are the perfect product for the user seeking “best of the best” in operator safety.

Climate Controller – Applied Climate Controller is at the forefront of the latest technology that can cool or heat air supply to a respiratory helmet.

Air Cooling Controller & Air Flow Controller – A cost effective alternative to the Air Cooling Controller that can be utilised to control the air flow.

Filter Adapter Kit – The Applied Respirator Filter Adaptor Kit is specifically designed to replace old filters that suit respirator filters that use flanged style cartridge.

Quick Disconnect Couplings – Quick Disconnect Couplings are manufactured and machined from high quality material.



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