GLS Grassland Subsoiler

The sub-surface shatter created by the GLS revitalises compacted sward

GLS Grassland Subsoiler Machinery Drumlish Farm Machinery

By improving drainage and root development, and allowing more air to get into the soil; resulting in increased fungal/bacterial activity in addition to enabling worm populations to flourish.

The end result is a soil environment that is conducive to maximum grass growth and stronger plants that are better suited to withstand periods of prolonged rainfall or drought.

GLS Features
  • Leading row of straight, serrated discs on individually suspended arms cut through turf, depth adjusted via a one-bolt system
  • Hydraulic double-acting auto-reset or shearpin low draught legs with quick-change one-piece narrow wing points and adjustable depth control from 100 – 350mm
  • Full width shark fin packer designed to leave an aerated, consolidated and level finish
GLS Options
  • Following harrow (3 , 4 and 5 Leg) for disturbing and scattering dead vegetation and surface debris
  • Seeder fitting kit
GLS Grassland Subsoiler Specifications
Model Working width Transport width Leg Spacing Type HP
3 Leg S/P 2.3m 2.5m 833mm Rigid 100+
3 Leg A/R 2.3m 2.5m 833mm Rigid 100+
4 Leg S/P 2.3m 2.5m 580mm Rigid 115+
4 Leg S/P 2.3m 2.5m 580mm Rigid 115+
5 Leg S/P 2.8m 2.9m 580mm Rigid 135+
5 Leg S/P 2.8m 2.9m 580mm Rigid 135+



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