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At Drumlish Farm Machinery we know all too well the challenges farmers face when it comes to taming overgrown fields, orchards, mountainous land with tough heather and bracken only one machine will do – the mulcher. Drumlish stock the KUHN mulcher simply because it is the best on the market and it will outlast the rest. KUHN have a series of machines to suit every need:

KUHN VKM Series: This series comes in 4 sizes from 2.1 meters up to 3 meters. This machine can be run in line or offset and is designed to cope with horsepower from 130 – 150. This is the ‘go to’ machine for most farmers. It is designed to be robust and durable and flexible enough to handle the many challenges you face.

KUHN BP/BPR – Series: This series comes in 7 sizes from 2.1 meters up to 3 meters. The linkage can be fixed or offset depending on your needs. The BPR models have dual linkage to allow it to be mounted to the front or rear. The BP series is designed for efficiency and durability.

KUHN BK Series: This series comes in 3 sizes 2.3, 2.8 and 32. Meters. It is aimed at mixed crop breeding  farms. They are designed to shred crop residues of straw, maize, sunflower stalks and grazing land.

KUHN BP 8300 Series: These machines are designed to shred on a large scale. It is essentially a butterfly set. It is 8.3 meters wide and should be used in conjunction with the BPR 280 or 305 PRO fitted to the front.

KUHN also stock rotary toppers and flail mowers. There is without doubt a machine in their range to suit your particular needs. Why not call in or call us and speak to one of our sales team so that we can discuss a machine to suit you?



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