Mounted Sub Soiler

Mounted Subsoilers enable more efficient trash flow through due to the V-shaped frame.

Mounted Sub Soiler Machinery Drumlish Farm Machinery

The V-shaped frame of the Mounted Subsoiler enables more efficient trash flow through, allowing the legs to be run close together, giving total loosening across the width of the implement.

Due to the design of the Subsoiler point/leg arrangement the forward-mounted point creates a wedge under the soil, lifting and cracking the profile ahead of the leg to open a slot for the leg to run through, reducing the amount of power needed to move forward in the ground. This aggressive action leaves the surface raised by 50 – 100mm to increases aeration.

The Sumo range of Subsoilers can also be used as a secondary source of cultivation, in most cases leaving the surface ready to drill.

Key Features and Options
  • Single bolt to replace the point assembly, resulting in vastly reduced downtime
  • 250 x 150 x 16mm main frame
  • Pin depth adjustment to a maximum depth of 500mm
  • Multi-use shearpin or hydraulic auto-reset protection
  • Cat 3 & 4 heavy-duty linkage
  • Mounted seeder fitting kit
  • Straight leading discs for 2016 models onwards
GLS Mounted Subsoiler Specifications
Model Working width Transport width Leg spacing Type HP
Sub 3 Leg S/P 2.7m 3.0m 900mm Rigid 150+
Sub 3 Leg A/R 2.7m 3.0m 900mm Rigid 150+
Sub 4 Leg S/P 2.8m 3.0m 650mm Rigid 150+
Sub 4 Leg A/R 2.8m 3.0m 650mm Rigid 150+
Sub 5 Leg S/P 3.4m 3.6m 650mm Rigid 150+
Sub 5 Leg A/R 3.4m 3.6m 650mm Rigid 150+
Sub 7 Leg S/P 4.55m 4.7m 650mm Rigid 250+
Sub 5 Leg A/R 4.55m 4.7m 650mm Rigid 250+



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