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Agitator mixing pumps

SlurryKat offer two models within their highly popular agitator mixing pump range, the Proflow 6500 model (4000 gall/min) and a Proflow 7500 model (5000 gal/min).

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Drumlish Farm Machinery are proud agents for the complete SlurryKat range of slurry handling equipment. Like all SlurryKat products they have focused on efficiency, durability, reliability and safety. Their Research and Development team leaves no stone unturned which has allowed them to become a world leader in agitating, moving and spreading slurry. With this in mind, Drumlish offer 2 ranges of slurry agitators:

The Proflow 6500 (540 gearbox/rated at 4000 Gallons per minute) and the Proflow 7500 (1000 gearbox/rated at 5000 Gallons per minute). Their unique design means that you can hitch the machine to your tractor without leaving the seat. At the tank you can deliver the pump through the mixing hatch without leaving the seat. The machine folds down very neatly so where space is an issue, tail swing is minimised.

The machines are designed for strength and longevity – as you would expect the whole machine is galvanised. SlurryKat research has resulted in a uniquely designed 5 vane impeller with a well designed impeller housing, meaning slurry is delivered with the most efficient power to output ratio compared to any other agitator on the market.

So you can see why we at Drumlish Farm Machinery are proud to offer machines with specifications like this. Feel free to speak to our sales team to see what we can do for you today for one of these models or any other SlurryKat product or merchandise.

The super tanker range consists of tankers with spreading technology mounted on the rear of the tanker using a clever design that merges the chassis and spreading technology in a unique way to compliment the overall slurry system.

Each slurry tanker boast SlurryKat’s unique laser cut, press formed taper chassis system. As the leaders in slurry tankers they are designed to allow a smooth on road journey and leading field performance.

Drumlish Farm Machinery stock the full range of SlurryKat tankers from 1,600 to 5,500 gallon. The most popular tankers in the range is the 1,600 gallon tanker due to their suitable for smaller farms and independent farmers while the 3,000 gallon ferry tanker is highly popular with contractors in particular.

With awards for innovation, reliability and excellence it is no wonder SlurryKat export slurry tankers around the world to Europe, Russia, USA, Canada and Australia to name but a few.

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Models and Features

As noted there is two models to choose from in various sizes:

  • Proflow 6500 (4000 gal/min)
  • Proflow 7500 (5000 gal/min)

Horsepower requirements starting at 100hp:

  • Solid 50mm drive line
  • No top link (2 point underslung tractor linkage
  • 600mm depth adjustment
  • Hydraulic tilting
  • Vertical and horizontal power nozzle
  • Fully galvanised
  • No need to remove PTO between tanks
  • Top fill option
  • Super high flow design

Tankers with Dribble Bars

Traditionally slurry tankers are manufactured first and foremost with a spreading system being a secondary after thought to the tanker. This is certainly not the case with Slurrykat as this approach destabilises the operation of the slurry tanker.

Model Working Depth Variant HP Required Flow Rate g/min Heavy Duty Gearbox Impellor Housing Thickness Topfill Ready
PROFLOW 6500 2m – 6’6’’ 100-130 18m3/4000 540 rpm 7’’ Yes
PROFLOW 6500 2.3m – 7’6’’ 100-130 18m3/4000 540 rpm 7’’ Yes
PROFLOW 6500 2.5m – 8’ 100-130 18m3/4000 540 rpm 7’’ Yes
PROFLOW 6500 2.75m – 9’’ 100-130 18m3/4000 540 rpm 7’’ Yes
PROFLOW 7500 2.3m – 7’6’’ 150+ 23m3/5000 1000 rpm 1:1 8’’ Yes
PROFLOW 7500 2.5m – 8’ 150+ 23m3/5000 1000 rpm 1:1 8’’ Yes
PROFLOW 7500 2.75m – 9’ 150+ 23m3/5000 1000 rpm 1:1 8’’ Yes

Please note: Performance figures may be adversely affected by conditions such as slurry type, viscosity, suction lift and delivery pipe.



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