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Drumlish Farm Machinery have in stock a wide range of Doda pumps which is manufactured using state of the art manufacturing equipment.

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The most popular pump in the range is the Doda horizontal high pressure chopper pump (AFI). Within Ireland and the UK, Doda is the leader when it comes to umbilical pumps and are the recommended pump for use with the SlurryKat range. SlurryKat in addition to manufacturing leading slurry solutions also have an agriculture contracting business and Doda is their pump of choice and is used by their own contracting team.

SlurryKat who lead in slurry equipment have found that the Doda pump is the most efficient, strongest and profitable pump available on the market. The ratio of slurry pumped via the Doda pump to the fuel consumption is amongst the most economical available, meaning your slurry output is the most cost efficient that it can be.

You can mount the AFI pump range to your tractor or an alternative direct power source. Within each high-pressure chopper pump Vanadium (which is a medium-hard metal) is used with manganese alloy chopper blades to chop the slurry prior to pumping. Chopping the slurry prior to pumping ensures it is as fuel efficient as possible as the operation has less blockages.

Advantages by SlurryKat:
  • According to SlurryKat the doda pump range is up to 25% more fuel efficient than other pumps as it can be run via your tractor on lower revs to achieve the same pressure and output. In comparison to other pumps it has approximately 5 bar more output pressure.
  • Purchase costs of a Doda pump are very similar to other pumps within the market however other pumps do not offer the same level of value given they have higher running costs and a lower residual value than a Doda pump.
  • Mechanical seal issues are unlikely within the Doda pump range unlike other pumps which need replaced often and require specialised tools to change the mechanical seal. In many cases when the mechanical seal fails on other pumps the gearbox becomes filled with slurry causing gearbox damage.
  • Doda parts are on average 70% cheaper than their nearest competitor and are both simple to service and repair. When other pumps are worn out they often become scrap as it is cheaper to replace the entire pump than buy new parts.
  • Doda has a super chopping system that rarely blocks unlike other pumps which block daily at the suction inlet.
  • The Doda HD35 and HD45 models will pump thicker slurry than other pumps.
  • Doda pump gear oil is filtered for long gearbox life in circulation of the cone. Other pumps need special synthetic gear oil which is often expensive to purchase.
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Doda Models

There is four different Doda high pressure chopper pump models (AFI) within the range including the L27, L35, HD35 and HD45.

Doda Pump L27 – The L27 has a maximum output pressure (Bar/ PSI) of 14.5 / 220 and a maximum flow rate (m3/hr, gal/hr) of 200 / 44,000 and power requirements (HP) of 125 and there is an option for a auto priming system.

Doda Pump HD35 – Within HD35 AFI pump is an oil cooling system which keeps the gearbox cool. Keeping the gearbox cool improves efficiency and ensures that even in the heaviest and prolonged slurry pumping conditions there is minimal maintenance. The HD35 also has the option to add a auto priming system.

Doda Pump L35 – The L35 has a maximum output pressure (Bar/ PSI) of 12 / 180 and a maximum flow rate (m3/hr, gal/hr) of 255 / 56,100 and power requirements (HP) of 130. Like the L27 there is also an option for a auto priming system but no oil cooling system.

Doda Pump HD45 – The HD45 pump has a maximum output pressure (Bar/ PSI) of 12 / 180 and a maximum flow rate (m3/hr, gal/hr) of 310 / 68,200 and power requirements (HP) of 250. There is the option to add both a oil cooling system and auto priming system.

Technical Features:
  • The housing is nodular cast iron and is not welded
  • Vanadium and manganese alloy chopper blades ensure efficiency
  • Contains an adjustable pressure plate and special impeller for secondary copping
  • Pedestal models are set up for a direct power source (electric, diesel, hydraulic)
  • There is a heavy duty gearbox available with 1,000 rpm for PTO pumps
  • Vertical head pressure of up to 450 ft or 200 psi
Manufacturer Advantages:
  • Doda pumps are unrivalled in durability and longevity
  • Clogging is prevented by the open impeller design
  • Easy to use and very low maintenance
  • HD35 and HD45 models are available for heavy-longer term use



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