1000 Meter SlurryKat Rear Mounted Bak-Pak

Truly versatile for your slurry needs.

In stock at Drumlish Farm Machinery is a new 1,000 Meter SlurryKat Rear Mounted Bak-Pak.

This Bak-Pak hose reel system is SlurryKat’s flagship reeling system and is both light in weight and strong in build. Fitted with a high performing hydraulic motor this bak pak can be combined with a front reeler to give you increased capacity to spread slurry at a greater distance.

One of the major benefits of this bak pak’s design is the added advantage that you can add any of the dribble bar range in a matter of seconds, making it truly versatile for your slurry needs.

Key features of this 1,000 Meter SlurryKat Mounted Bak-Pak include:

  • Efficient design
  • Light in weight
  • Double rear hose rollers as standard
  • Split section reels
  • High performance hydraulic motor
  • As standard you will get 3 years warranty and have the option to add a flowmeter monitor.

Drumlish Farm Machinery also have in stock a SlurryKat 600 Meter Rear Mounted Bak-Pak along with a wide range of dribble bars and slurry tankers.

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