Oroflex Layflat Hoses

The preferred choice for umbilical slurry spreading across Ireland

Drumlish Farm Machinery have in stock new Oroflex Layflat Hoses. Oroflex layflat hoses are recommended on SlurryKat systems and are the preferred choice for umbilical slurry spreading across Ireland.

In stock is a wide range of hose types which are all highly durable. The Oroflex 10 is irrigation while the Oroflex 20 and Oroflex 30 is for sludge and slurry.

Oroflex 10

Coils up to 200m and features non-conductive rubber with a ribbed cover for maximum resistance.

Oroflex 20

The most popular hose in the range is the Oroflex 20 which is commonly used by contractors. This hose comes in a wide range of lengths (200m as standard) and is the ultimate solution for transferring slurry, irrigation and water.

Features of the Oroflex 20 include:

  • Non-Conductive Rubber
  • Repair Sleeves can be used to ensure a long service life.
  • Maximum resistance due to a ribbed cover

Oroflex 30

High pressure layflat hose specially designed as a drag hose in sludge and slurry applications. Oroflex 30 is made from a tough polyurethane rubber and is designed to work in tough, abrasive environments.

Drag Hose Swivel Couplings

  • Can be fitted to any brand lay-flat hose on the market
  • Can be easily removed or joined to the hose in the field without specialist banding tools etc
  • Connection closure ring is fully stainless steel also and requires no tools to connect or disconnect  even under pressure unlike other couplings which require spanners to open
  • Fully safe to open when pressurised as clamping ring is not affected by pressure in the hose and can be pulled and separated from the safety of the tractor seat using the tractor and the hose reeler.

Oroflex hoses can be 70% lower in weight which helps reduce transport costs.

We have first hand knowledge of using these Oroflex hoses from our own contracting business. Contact us today to find out more.



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