SlurryKat Farmline Combi Dribble Bar (7.5 Meter)

Highly innovative and feature spring loaded booms.

Drumlish Farm Machinery have in stock a new SlurryKat Farmline Combi Dribble Bar (7.5 Meter)

You have the option to use a new or existing tanker with this dribble bar unit which will suit many farmers as it is in the lower budget range. You can choose the 7.5 meter working width or upgrade to a  9 meter version.

Like all SlurryKat dribble bars they are highly innovative and feature spring loaded booms that “break-bak” with auto reset. This unique feature stops damage happening during motion including the booms accidentally coming into contact with your fencing during operation.

As standard this Combi dribble bar comes with:

  • Vogelsang macerator/distributor
  • Protection trap system for stone and debris
  • Hydraulic vertical folding
  • Uv & Urea resistant delivery hoses

This dribble bar can only be mounted on to a slurry tanker and can not be used with a umbilical drag hose or SlurryKat reeling system.

The overall weight of the Combi Dribble Bar is 382KG and comes as standard with:

  • Shut off Hyd valve
  • Vogelsang macerator with 30 x 40mm Outlets and 4 x Counter Blades
  • Linkage is 3pt with hydraulic boom folding as noted above

To find out more about this new SlurryKat Farmline Combi Dribble Bar why not contact us today and we would be happy to assist. Drumlish Farm Machinery also stock a wide range of other SlurryKat dribble bars, reelers and slurry tankers.



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